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Product designer based in São Paulo, Brazil.

How i think

I'm innovator and creator, constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to build something great.

As a creative and skilled Product Designer, I have experience in developing innovative and user-centric products from concept to launch. I possess a strong knowledge of design principles, prototyping tools, and user experience methodologies. With my keen eye for detail and passion for creating impactful products, I am committed to designing solutions that meet user needs and drive business objectives.


driven design

Product design &

From initial concept, to interface design and product development we craft high-end platforms for outstanding digital experiences.
Website & app and Web Apps development

Executed end-to-end processes for websites, apps, and web apps, including initial concepts, user testing, UX/UI design, and full stack development.


During the exploratory phase, wireframing defines the interface structure, layout, information architecture, user flows, functionalities, and behaviors in a fast and effective manner.

Lo-Fi Prototyping

A low-fidelity prototype brings initial concepts to life for quick user testing, feedback, and product improvement, prior to proceeding with design and development stages.

User research, testing & analysis

Creating user-centered products involves including audiences from early stages, leveraging insights and feedback gathered during research and testing sessions.

UX audits

The first step in optimization and redesign is to identify usability pain points, user frictions, design inconsistencies, accessibility issues, and functionality gaps. We use various methods, tools, and metrics to establish improvement objectives that enhance the overall UX/UI experience and boost performance indicators.

Design systems & UI toolkit

I establish rules and guidelines based on atomic design principles to manage scalable design, maintaining visual consistency across platforms and establishing a unified design language.

UX & UI Design

My UX design services create a user-centric experience based on specific needs, after, i start my process to create the UI design crafts visually captivating interfaces that attract and engage users, driving retention and loyalty.

IxD design

To achieve a great user experience, I consider the design of human interaction, which involves understanding how end-users will physically and emotionally engage with the digital product.


Vai Car

App design

VAI arrived in São Paulo to change the car ownership industry. No paperwork, no mileage limit and more. All in one app for you to drive as much as you want and achieve your goals with the car, be it leisure or work.

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Now Kids

App design

Now Kids is an application from the Claro / NET group, developed for entertainment by children to watch cartoons and series.

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Helping brands thrive in the digital world

12+ years creating and re-creating digital solutions, and learned what makes great businesses stay in business.

Prior experience

Creating next level digital products

Roam Auto 2022 -- 2023 Lead Product Designer Toronto
Iugu 2021 -- 2022 Specialist Product Designer São Paulo
Vai Car 2018 -- 2021 Sr Product Designer São Paulo
Claro Brasil 2016 -- 2018 Sr Product Designer São Paulo
MobiHouse 2011 -- 2016 Principal Product Designer São Paulo

My goal is to define and execute a design strategy based on a deep understanding of the needs of users and businesses and the context surrounding digital experiences.

Let's make something great together

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